There are more than 50 specieses of seagrasses which are identified in the world.  These specieses are included in 13 genera, 7 generas are found in tropical area, and 5 generas are found in subtropical area. All of 7 genera of tropical seagrasses can be found in Indonesia, namely: Cymodocea, Enhalus, Halodule, Halophila, Syringodium, Thalassia, and Thalassodendron.

Those 7 genera of tropical sseagrasses can be indentified by looking detail at their leaves.  We must focus on seagrass leaves morphology. There are three kinds of seagrasses leaves morphology, scilicet: round looks like a stick; oval; and strap like.

First is round and long looks like a stick.  This leaves shape is belongs to Syringodium, which is the only one species in Indonesia, namely Syringodium isoetifolium.  This species has a coel in its leaves, hereinafter it allow air inside, so that we call it air cavity.  Syringodium isoetifolium is favourite food for Dugong and Seaturtle.

Second is oval and rounded.  We can identify that seagrasses, which has oval and rounded leaves  is Halophila, certainly.  There are three specieses that are known as Halophila, scilicet: H. ovalis, H. minor, H. Spinulosa.  Halophilla usually lives in coral reefs, which substrat is combination between sand and rubble.

Third, the last morphology is strap like.  This leaves morphology belongs to several specieses of seagrass. The longest, and bigest is Enhalus leaves, while the thinest and smallest belongs to Halodule.  The only one strap like leaves, that has petiole is Thalassodendron leaves.  Two other generas are Thalassia and Cymodocea, that have moderate size of their leaves, nevertheless both of them have distinction on their rhizome.  Thalassia has segment on its rizhomes, whilist Cymodocea has not.

Furthermore it will be easy to identify generas of seagrass, it is only by seeing carefully its leaves, or at least paying more attention to its rhizome.  Moreover, there are only 7 generas and 12 specieses, which are live in Indonesia, so that very simple to be remembered.

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